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At the time of writing, our new website is well on the way to being finished. It's not live yet but I'm so excited to get it done! 

MaddieThis weekend however, this weekend is for LARPing and is one of the rare LARP weekends where I'm not actually trading so I'm taking my character Maddie off for some (very polite, they're all lovely people) piratey debauchery at Buccaneers of the Damned (see Maddie is perhaps a little naive. But the raptors like her and you can't mess with a girl that has velociraptors on her side.

Next week will see me back hard at work in the workshop. We have a few jerkins ordered and ready to sew so shall get that out the way first, then work on completing brand new armour and jerkin designs. The armour is very, very special and I'm looking forward to getting it online and available. And should, with any luck, get the website finished and live!

Captain Forbes "Gunny" Gunderson
Tristan will be mostly spending next week tooling and painting leather for stock I think. Once he's recovered from being a badass powder maker, he takes the rum in pirating very seriously indeed.

Pictures in this blog kindly provided by Oliver Facey and Wyvern Photography

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