Can you put my art / logo / symbol on leather?
Probably. We have a minimum art processing charge of £15 to convert custom designs into a format we can use to transfer to leather (one time payment - once paid I can put your design on as many things as you want, forever, with no additional charge beyond the item cost). There are some limitations on size and shape (big, complex images will not reduce down to tankard size for example, and your image needs to be a shape that will fit on the item you want. Email us to discuss.

I found some art on the internet (or elsewhere). Can you put that on leather?
Chances are it is art that belongs to someone else and is therefore their copyright so we can't do this without written confirmation from the artist that it is OK to do so.

I saw an item on xyz site. Can you make it cheaper?
We will not copy the work of another artisan, but we are happy to work with you to create something original that fits your needs. Email us to discuss.

Vegtan Leather Colour ChartYou don't have the item I want in the colour I want. Can you do it in the colour of my choice?
Vegtan leather items (pretty much anything leather that isn't a jerkin) can be made in the colours on our colour chart. Sometimes our pages don't list them as colour options (usually because our website software limits how many options we can have). Feel free to email us or leave a message in the box at checkout if you want an alternate colour.

For leather jerkins and armour made with our jerkin leather, our standard colours are available quickly and at no extra charge in all items that use it, however we can do most colours - we'll just have to source the leather which may be a little more expensive than normal so email us if you have specific requests.

I am in the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan or somewhere else in the world. Can I buy from you?
Yes. We ship to many countries, all over the world. Please allow 3 weeks from dispatch to delivery.

There's a problem with my item! What will you do?
Please Email us to discuss if you have an issue with your item. We're usually happy to refund/replace/repair/alter as applicable.

I need this item quickly. Can you do it?
Email us to discuss. When possible, we are happy to rush orders through, however at peak times this may not be possible (summer and November/December are probably out - but ask!)

Can I see your goods in person?
If you're in the UK, you can see us at various events between February and September - check our events page to see where we'll be. We unfortunately cannot have visitors at our workshop (and really, you wouldn't want to come here. Its messy, full of sharp things at there's a 90% chance you'd leave with leather dye on you)

I don't understand your business names! I have looked very carefully across your website and you seem to be operating under numerous names and I am suspicious!
Our trading name is Stardust Larpcraft (or occasionally Stardust and Sparkles Larpcraft due to an oversight when creating our business cards!). Our business and legal name is Stephie Flinn t/a Princess Stores. The latter has been in use for 17 years, covering various enterprises and it is a lot simpler legally to use a different trading name for new ventures than it is to make entirely new companies.